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Korean Research Institute
Foreign Labor Organizations
Foreign Government Organizations
Foreign Mass Media
International Labor Network
International Organizations Korean Labor Organizations Foreign Labor Organizations Korean Goverment Organizations Foreign Government Organizations Korean Employer’s Organizations Foreign Mass Media Korean Mass Media International Labor Network Korean Labor Network International Organizations Korean Research Institute
  Korean Labor Organizations
dot FKTU(Federation of Korean Trade Unions)
dot KCTU(Korea Confederation of Trade Unions)
dot KFIU(Korean Financial Industry Union)
dot FKCU(Federation of Korean Chemical Workers’ Union)
dot KWWAU(Korean Women Workers Associations United)
  Foreign Labor Organizations
dot AFL-CIO(American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations)
dot JTUC(Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
dot TUC(Trades Union Congress), U.K.
dot CGT-FO(Confederation Generale Travail Force Ouvriere), France
dot Comisiones Obreras, Spain
dot ACTU(Australian Council of Trade Unions)
  Korean Goverment Organizations
dot Chong Wa Dae(The official homepage of Korean President)
dot MOEL(Ministry of Employment and Labor)
dot NLRC(National Labor Relations Commission)
dot KTC(Korea Tripartite Commission)
dot KLWC(Korea Labor Welfare Corporation)
dot KOSHA(Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)
dot MOFE(Ministry of Finance and Economy)
dot SMBA(Small & Medium Business Administration)
dot NSO(National Statistical Office)
dot BOK(The Bank of Korea) The Centeral Bank of Korea
dot EXIM(The Export-Import Bank of Korea)
dot KOTRA(Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency)
dot Korea Investment Service Center
dot MOFAT(Ministry of Foreign Affairs&Trade)
  Foreign Government Organizations
dot Department of Labor, USA :
dot Ministry of Labor, Japan :
dot Ministry of Employment and Solidarity, France
dot Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
dot CCTA Government Information Service, England
dot The Singapore Government
  Korean Employer’s Organizations
dot FKI(Federation of Korean Industries)
dot KITA(Korea International Trade Association)
dot KEF(Korea Employers Federation)
dot KCCI(Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
dot AMCHAM(American Chamber of Commerce in Korea)
dot EUCCK(European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea)
  Foreign Mass Media
dot KLI(Korea Labor Institute)
dot KLSI(Korea Labour & Society Institute)
dot KIET(Korea Institute for Industrial Economics Trade)
dot KERI(Korea Economic Research Institute)
dot SERI(Samsung Economic Research Institute)
  Korean Mass Media
dot Korea Herald : Daily English Newspaper
dot Korea Times : Daily English Newspaper
dot Arirang TV (English Cable Network)
dot The Digital Chosun Ilbo(English Edition)
dot JoongAng Ilbo(English News)
dot Maeil Business(English News)
dot DongA Ilbo(English News)
  International Labor Network
dot Reuters, AP
dot AFP(Agence France-Presse)
dot CNN interactive
dot New York Times
dot Washington Post
dot USA Today
dot Wall Street Journal
dot The Times
dot Financial Times
dot Asahi Newspaper
dot Yomiuri Newspaper
dot Inside China Today
dot Germany live
dot South China Morning Post
  Korean Labor Network
dot JinboNet (Center for providing computer communication services including internet service and training services for Korean NGOs )
dot LabourStart(Korean Labour News)
  International Organizations
dot IGC(Institute for Global Communications) Labornet
dot LabourStart
  Korean Research Institute
dot ILO(International Labour Organization)
dot ICFTU(International Confederation of Free Trade Unions)
dot ICFTU-APRO(International Confederation of Free Trade Unions Asian and Pacific Regional Organization)
dot OECD(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
dot OECD-TUAC(Trade Union Advisory Committee)
dot UN(United Nations)
dot OHCHR(Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)
dot WTO(World Trade Organization)
dot Amnetsty International(Working to protect human rights worldwide)
dot IMF(International Monetary Fund)
dot World Bank(IBRD & IDA : Working for a World Free of Poverty)
dot ETUC(European Trade Union Confederation)
dot IFWEA(International Federation of Workers' Education Associations)
dot ICEM(International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine, and General Workers Unions)
dot IMF(International Metalworkers' Federation)
dot ITF(International Transport Workers' Federation)
dot IFBWW(International Federation of Building and Wood Workers' Unions)
dot PSI(Public Services Internationa)
dot IUF(International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers Associations)
dot EI(Education International)
dot IFJ(Int'l Federation of Journalists)
dot FES(Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)
dot JILAF(Japan International Labour Foundation)