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  • Hyundai Motors boasts no strike CBA for three consecutive years (LABOR TODAY 778)
DATE: 2011-09-08 VIEW: 196
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The heads of union and company promised for further cooperation for industrial peace.

Labor and management of Hyundai Motor Company concluded this year’s collective bargaining without strike for three years in a row. By reaching the agreement between the two sides, Hyundai Motors is now recognized as having shifted from the history of conflict and confrontation to harmony and stabilization.

On August 29, Hyundai Motors had a CBA signing ceremony in the meeting room of the Ulsan Plant, while some 50 union and management officials including Mr. KIM Uk-Jo, Hyundai Motors President and Mr. LEE Kyung-Hoon, Union President, were participating in it.

At the signing, Mr. KIM said, “Although we had numerous difficulties this year, labor and management have been able to work together and come up with the best results.” “It is very meaningful in that Hyundai Motors, which had suffered labor strives in the past, has reached an agreement this year without strike for three years in a row. This achievement will serve as a stepping stone for further development of Hyundai Motors.”

In response, Union President LEE said, “As the whole nation is watching, we have reached an agreement on wage and collective bargaining.” “This year’s no strike agreement for the third consecutive year is earned with great efforts.” He added, “Trade union will devote itself to making labor-management relations more desirable and developing Hyundai Motors much further.”

Hyundai Motors Union carried out a for-or-against vote on August 26 on this year’s tentative CBA for its total members of 44,855 and 54.19 percent turned out to have voted for the agreement. The collective bargaining was initiated on June 8 and the final agreement was reached at the 21st round meeting on August 24.

This year’s CBA is about: increasing wages by 93,000 won (4.45% of ordinary wages), offering performance-based pay and bonus of 300 percent plus 7 million won, giving 35 shares when no strike agreement is reached, increasing 50 percent in monthly and annual leave allowances, and donating 4 billion won for social contribution fund.

Regarding the controversial time-off system, labor and management agreed that, out of 237 existing full-time union officials, a total of 111 (26 statutory paid and 85 non-paid ones) are allowed according to the revised trade union law. In this regard, a general voting was conducted on August 26 to decide if union membership due should be collected to finance the wages of non-paid full-time union officials. As the poll results turned out to advocate membership fee collection, it is expected that there will be no problems in union operation.

In addition, labor and management agreed that when the company needs, an employee can work one more year as a contract worker after he/she retires at 59 years old (currently, the retirement age is 58 and one more year can be extended), and children of employees should enjoy preferential treatment in recruitment to those who are not, if their qualifications are the same.
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