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Chairman's Message
  • The Industrial relations system and labor movement in Korea have achieved dynamic developments through overcoming the environmental restraints and difficulties as comparable in its development process as the politics and economy had done in the past.

    It was in the 1990s when the international exchange and cooperation in the labor field at the private level began to gain its significance. And also the Korean experiences in the institutional development of tripartism and the advancement of labor-management relations through the conflict settlement were good enough to draw the interests from abroad. Another factor which raised international interest was that Korea opened its labor market to some developing countries to a limited extent due to labor shortage in some industrial sectors.

    The Korea International Labour Foundation(KOILAF) aims to raise the role to play by Korea in the globalized world and to boost the international understanding on employment and labor in an ever changing labor market. With the private initiatives, the KOILAF will strive to play a bridging role to connect Korea with the world in the labor field, promote international exchange and cooperation, advance industrial relations in the multinational companies, and protect and support foreign workers and their social integration.

    Kim, Sung Jin
    Managing Director, Korea International Labour Foundation