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Overeas Research
Labor Education & Training, and Support for Cultural Events
  • dot To protect the basic labor rights of foreign workers, we provide labor relations education and grievance counseling to migrant workers.
  • dot KOILAF organizes special cultural events in cooperation with civil organizations to help foreign workers better understand Korean culture and raise adaptation capability to Korean life.
    Labor Education & Training, and Support for Cultural Events

  • Since October 2, 2004, KOILAF has provided employment training for foreign workers from Vietnam and Mongolia who entered Korea through EPS. The training takes place at the KOILAF Yeoju Education Center for 16 hours a week (program lasts 3 days).

  • dot Subjects of education: Korean language, understanding Korean culture, the Employment Permit System, Labor Standard Act & Industrial Safety and Health Act, basic industrial skills, grievance handling process, etc. (Medical examination and applications to various insurances are done during the course of the program.)
  • dot Characteristics of the training:
    • - All the courses are led by teachers fluent in the trainees’ mother tongues and versed in the specialized training courses.
    • - Various textbooks and audio/video materials produced in the trainees’ language are used for the classes.
    • - Homeroom teachers are assigned to each class for systematic and efficient management of trainees.
    • - Follow-up grievance counseling is provided for former trainees and employers through online and direct-visit services.

    Publication of Materials to Support Foreign Workers’ Adaptation in Korea
    • KOILAF provides manuals for foreign workers living in Korea (in 7 languages), Korean language textbooks, labor counseling case studies, Korean dialogue handbooks, etc. to help foreign workers’ work and life in Korea.

    Publication of Material to Support Foreign Migrant Workers’ Adaptation in Korea

    Foreign Workers’ Homepage
    • Through a homepage in four languages of Vietnamese, Mongolian and Korean, we provide various useful information on the Employment Permit System (EPS), vocational training, etc., for foreign workers in Korea.
    • www.workinkorea.org

The Foreign Migrant Workers’ Homepage