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Labor Today
Exchange and Cooperation
We contricute to building rational industrial relations in Korean enterprises operation overseas.
Country-specific Explanation on Labor Management
  • KOILAF holds explanation meetings on human resource management, industrial relations, labor markets, etc. in various countries for CEOs, managers, and company officials to be dispatched to foreign countries.
Country-specific explanatory meetings on labor management

Seminars Overseas
  • KOILAF organizes seminars in overseas countries for officials and employees of Korean enterprises in the countries and local governments and union leaders, providing an opportunity for dialogue about labor relations and productivity improvement.
Seminars Overseas

Sending HR Support Teams to Overseas Countries
  • KOILAF has sent joint HR management support teams with the government to areas that particularly experience difficulties in labor management and industrial relations, contributing to the prevention of labor disputes and the promotion of stability of industrial relations.
Sending HR Support Teams Overseas

Publication of Human Resource Management Manuals
  • Based on research on the overall situation of the labor environment including labor laws and systems in various countries where many Korean firms operate, KOILAF has published systematic human resource management manuals for each country.
Publication of human resource management manuals