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Labor Today
Exchange and Cooperation
Invitation Programs
  • Since 1998, KOILAF has invited tripartite leaders from countries in close relations with Korea.

  • Program Objective : Promoting understanding of industrial relations policy and systems, and of labor-management culture; strengthening cooperation between Korea and the invited countries; and establishing contact points to resolve labor relations problems of Korean enterprises investing overseas

  • Invitees : Labor, management and government leaders mainly from Asian countries. Now, the invitation is extended to South American and East European countries.

  • Number of Invitees : From 1998 to 2010, 466 tripartite leadres were invited.

Visits to Major Tripartite Organizations
  • By organizing visits to major tripartite organizations, we promote understanding on the role and functions of in such organizations and strengthen mutual relations between counterpart organizations of the invited nations and Korea.
Visits to major tripartite organizations in Korea

Orientation on Labor Relations and Labor Culture
  • We provide sessions on the current situation of labor-management relations, labor policies and systems, and industrial culture in Korea.
Orientation in labor relations and labor culture

Country Report
  • Meetings are held to share information and opinions on the recent labor situation, including labor policy and systems, major labor issues, etc. of the invitees’ country.
Explanatory meetings on the labor situation of the invitees’country

Visits to Workplaces
  • Through visits to the workplaces of the leading industries in Korea, we introduce cases of labor and management cooperation at the company level in Korea.
Visits to workplaces

Experiencing Korean Traditional Culture
  • Through visits to historical sites of Korea and opportunities to experience Korean traditional culture, we provide an in-depth understanding of Korean culture.
Experiencing Korean traditional culture

Exchange with Global Labor Organizations
  • Through exchange and joint programs with organizations such as the All China Federation of Trade Unions(ACFTU) and the Japan International Labor Foundation (JILAF), we are contributing to establish a foundation for understanding and friendship in the field of labor.
Periodical exchange with labor organizations overseas