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■ Invitation Programs

- Invitation programs for tripartite groups of various countries such as ASEAN, BRICS and those countries where Korea's economic links are high.
- International labor forums and international seminars

■ Support for Industrial Stability of Foreign-Invested Companies and Korean Companies Operating Overseas

- Labor-related seminars, surveys and various support materials in English for foreign invested companies
- Collection of information on labor, research on global labor market situation, and publication of country-specific human resource management manuals for Korean enterprises operating overseas
- Seminars on industrial stability and dispatch of HR management support teams to overseas countries

■ Support for Migrant Workers in Korea

- Adaptation training for foreign workers who have entered Korea under the Employment Permit System (Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia)
- Publications for foreign workers including Korean language textbooks, manuals on living in Korea, and case studies on counseling
- Interpretation services, grievance counseling and support for cultural events

■ Information and Publication

- Various books and information in English
- Korean and English newsletters to provide updated labor news
- Bimonthly Labor magazine, Korea Labor Review
- Labor-related homepages in Korean and English (www.koilaf.org), and homepages for migrant workers (www.workinkorea.org)